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    Milton and Gala represent an extraordinary number that mixes precision, movement and rhythm - the Gaucho number with the Boleadoras.

    Traditionally the gauchos, the South American cowboys of the pampas of South of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, used them like weapon to hunt the cattle. They introduced the boleadoras in their folkloric dance with accompaniment of the bombo leguero (drum).

    Later the dance with the boleadoras had a scenic putting with a very strong visual impact. Also today is a circus number technically very developed and of great ability.

    Milton dominates the virtuosity and technicity of the dance of the gauchos, near Gala his representation is definitely stylized and modern.

    He also emphasizes his taste for innovation, playing the guitar with the boleadoras, fusing boleadoras with piano and classical music, or demonstrating his precision with the boleadoras.

    Their taste of experimenting led them to the Guinness Book. Milton is the first gaucho with the boleadoras making some record.


    Exhibition - 8 minutes:

    Gaucho with drums and boleadoras. A unique act full of adrenaline and very explosive.

    BOMBOS - Milton and Gala use the drums with a sound effect making various rhythmic figures with complex movements and synchronized arms in their visual choreography. The Indians used the BOMBO to communicate over long distances. It was later incorporated into the gaucho folklore.

    BOLEADORAS – Nowdays, the modern Boleadoras are two ropes with an acrylic ball at the end of each rope. The "boleadoras" follows the beat of the music or the rhythm of the "bombo drum”, and the "zapateo" (gaucho’s tap dance). The Gaucho’s hand flapping the boleadoras in the compass of the tempo, the variations, and the accentuation of the beats on the floor. Formerly the gauchos and the Indians used them as a hunting weapon and were three stones wrapped in leather at the end of a rope.


    Exhibition - 25 minutes:

    Gaucho with drums and boleadoras, audience participation and fireropes. This act mix the dynamic with the comedy and the fire majesty.

    In addition to the our choreographyes with drums and our solos with the Boleadoras on a drum accompaniment, we add:

    DUO BOLEADORAS The Milton and Gala's coreography with boleadoras is full of poetry.

    AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION Two participants from the audience, normaly a woman and a man come up to the stage. Milton with the ropes of the Boleadoras combs the hair of a lady, then with the ball of his Boleadoras very accurately he removes from the mouth of a gentleman a cigarette.

    FIREROPES This moment of the show, the pyrotechnics moment is truly incredible! The fire in the ropes lasts only 2 minutes, but its visual effect is unforgettable.

    The show combines the energy and power of ancient fire rituals with the elegance and grace of contemporary dance.

    Optional: start with poncho.

    PONCHO - The show begins with ponchos that in its choreography, the poncho is turned open in the air, until it is like a solid flat piece. The Poncho is a red piece of cotton fabric (wool). Gauchos wear ponchos in winter to protect themselves from the cold.

    Technical requirements:

    A flat surface without obstacles:

    4m deep x 4m wide x 3.5 high;

    wooden floor;

    or wooden platform above the floor;

    Get in an hour before;

    Sound System;

    Loudspeakers - adapted to the spaces

    with two monitors of 200;

    a sound and lighting Technician


    access for a vehicle;

    Dressing room near the stage;

    The company provides you wooden platform:

    2.30 m deep x 3.50m wide; Wooden platform

    All the public

    Duration: 7min - 2 minutes