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  • Whips, Lassos

    The act "Cowboy with Whips and Lasso" is a dynamic number, full of energy. The impressive skips and rope tricks, the incredible precision will not leave anyone indifferent.


    5-minutes exhibition:

    Cowboy with whips and lassos. A unique act full of adrenaline and very explosive.

    The number starts with an amusing choreography with the Whips.
    Besides the audience has fun, the whips have strong sound and visiual impact.
    Milton uses the whip to demonstrate his accuracy and experience by cutting a
    newspaper from the hands of Gala.

    They continue with the Trick roping.
    Their complicity and entertaining choreography makes a good set with the skill
    they have. In this act Milton does with the different types of the loop diverses
    tricks like the famous "Texas Skip", "Butterfly", "Kansas Tornado" or "Wedding Ring" and impressive jumps demonstrating thus his mastery.


    8-minute exhibition:

    Cowboy with whips, trick roping and audience participation.

    Parents and children can enjoy watching as the big loop surrounds them without
    touching them. Great emotion feeling as protagonists.

    Suitable for all audiences;

    Components: 2 pax.

    Technical Data


    A flat surface without obstacles:
    4m x 4m x 3.5 m;
    wooden floor;

    Get in an hour before;

    Sound System;
    Loudspeakers - adapted to the spaces with two monitors of 200;
    A sound and light Technician

    Access for a vehicle;
    Dressing room near the stage;

    The company provides you wooden platform:
    2.30 m x 3.50 m;

    Wooden platform The company has own:
    -Sound system;
    -Fog machine;
    -Portable dressing room;

    Ask apart.